Friday, October 10, 2014

Smart Money

Smart Money

Andre Willers
11 Oct 2014
Give the Dollar the vote . Each currency unit is an AI with the vote and full citizens rights .
Discussion :
1.The ultimate democracy . Give every dollar the vote .

2.This can be done . Not even difficult .

3. Even Normal distribution curve will give some interesting experiences .

4.What!  Not used to backchat from the money you are spending ?
You must have lived a privileged life . I normally have a long and intimate discussion with my note before returning it to my pocket .
5. Pension funds for dollars ? The mind boggles .
6. Dollar retirement homes . uploaded into virtuality .

7.An enormous new market . Limitless . Just print new ones . But watch out for the child labour laws .

8. Do not bend , spindle , fold or mutilate this note , on pain of a class action .  Imagine being boycotted by every currency unit ,

Does this make the pain go away ?

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