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Inside the Ignition of an Hysterical Focus .

Inside the Ignition of an Hysterical Focus.
Andre Willers
28 Jun 2010

Synopsis :
The spontaneous formation of order into a random set of 40 million diverse humans grew out of at most 50 humans , but the tinder was dry .

Discussion :
I was privileged to follow the ignition process . I never thought I would experience this rather rare phenomenon .

I was listening to CapeTalk 567 , a talk radio program in the Western Cape .
At about 10h00 on 4th June 2010, they reported receiving numerous SMS , emails , twitter and calls about delays in the issuing of tickets .

I expected the whole thing to die down , as disgruntled citizens just gave up on it as another example of incompetence . (Sepp Blatter's nephew was in charge)

The opposite happened .
Really amazing !
The small group interaction of the queuer's via twitter , SMS, emails , cellphone was amplified by the inrush of new connectors because of long-range network information systems like CapeTalk radio .

By 11h00 the tone had been set . Note network theory . The long-range network elements like Twitter and TalkRadio had spread and the resultant inpour of messages escalated the system into a runaway positive feedback system .

By 12h00 the system had lurched into the present benign mode of "Foreigners with money-good , foreigners like Zimbabweans , Somalis – bad : get them later ."
This will get externalised  as wars .

The sheer speed of it was amazing . By the afternoon , I was living in an entirely new society .

This is typical of an Hysterical Focus .
A seemingly trivial matter precipitates a phase change , focusing large-scale frustrations into a Focus . The Focus then fractures the society in totally unforeseen ways . When the breaks anneal , you have a new , more competitive society (cf French Revolution) .

Has it happened before ?
Yes , but they had to work hard at  it . Newspaper owners in the USA , UK  (Like Hearst) thought they could ignite Hysterical Foci . They could , but only with months of saturation propaganda .

Barack Obama got elected mainly because of a minor ignition of the effect via Facebook .

Can it happen again ?
Of course . It is every marketer's wet dream . A small , controllable group influencing millions of other people .

Why Twitter ?
The interesting point here is that this is first hint of a workable system to break the 150 person tribal ceiling . This ceiling is hard-wired in by genetic , epigenetic and meme systems . Twitter paradoxically bypasses  this by the limitation on number of characters allowed (140 , amusingly near the tribal ceiling . Not surprising) .

The right of reply and fairness .
Fairness is hardwired in humans . Abuse of Right of reply leads directly to systems like Twitter , where there is no reply . 140 characters cannot give sufficient data-space
The lack of fairness can only be compensated for by large numbers of twitters of various other persuasions . The totality sums .

We can actually put some numbers on this :
See "Inside of zero " and others . We need only 26 different centers of uniqueness to describe any  particular Universum .

This translates into a minimum necessary sufficient of 27 individuals to ignite a Hysterical Focus .
Notice that 26=27-1
This is known as God's Mercy .
Infinite descent is possible .

The cocktail party .How many guests to invite .At last we can put a minimum number to it . And it is 27 .

Bagh. I am sick and tired of it .


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