Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rogue Swan The Third Shoe

Rogue Swan   The Third Shoe

Andre Willers
17 Oct 2014
“Waiting for the other , third shoe to drop”
Synopsis :
EU Disintigration : Rogue Superposition Waves are created by Chaotic Attractors and kindle Black Swan events .  They usually come in threes .
Discussion :
1.Why three ?
The nature of the beastie .
Why you are in a 3-Dimensional universe .
The simplest expression of unconstrained chaotic systems at maximal variance .
Knots on a frictionless string that loops .

Take your pick  .
 So if the Peregrine soliton is the envelope then beneath this are the oscillations with the central peak being the rogue wave and, as has been observed, these waves often come in three with two smaller ones surrounding the highest wave.
2. What it means : abnormal events comes in threes .
And it is not an old wives tale , but millennia of observations dressed up in modern chaotic theory garb .
3.An application Example : Terran Global Systems
At present time (17 Oct 2014  01h56 SA time)  :
3.1.Shoe one : Ebola
3.2 Shoe two : Financial markets correction .
3.3 Shoe three : EU disintegration .
Chaotic concatenation of many factors :
Centripetal forces of secessionist movements , internal instabilities , GINI gradients between states , German deal with Russia , EU arrogant bureaucracy , Schengen freedom of motion to possible Ebola carriers , etc .

On the carrot side , the first major state that exits the EU will gain significant currency advantages regarding their debts . A toss-up between France and Germany .
3.4 What to expect :
3.4.1 Borders snap shut . The old border-guards machinery is still intact . Balkanization of Europe .
3.4.2 Resurrection of national Currencies . See  and   . Nothing like exchange rates to soak up money-printing excesses .
3.4.3 Resurgence in tourism ! Unexpected . Holidays in safe countries with soft currencies will become incredibly cheap . Eg
3.4.4 WW 2.5 already exists in the Ukraine . It will simply expand to soak up young , surplus males .
3.4.5 Expansion of Universities and Monasteries . See
3.4.6 Expansion of Almeria-type enterprises . Growth of Ostrum Principles .See
  Plus many more totally unexpected .
Interesting times ahead .
Have you fed your pet Rogue Swan lately ?



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