Thursday, October 30, 2014

Enough !

Market saturation in a demand driven economy with Maslow Hierarchies .

Andre Willers
31 Oct 2014
Synopsis :
“Enough!”  Limiting feedback loops kick in . In humans , and their creations , economic systems .

1.Humans have satisfied most Maslow Hierarchies .
2.The cost has affected the lower hierarchies .
3. Feedback systems are kicking in .
4. Demand is lessening .
5.The economic system optimized on demand . This is now changing to sustainabililty .
6. The essence of the present Economic crisis : Humans just don’t want to consume more .
A real effect . And instead of catering to it , the Elite think they can change it .
Like canute . The more fool , them . They merely go ahead , not lead or force .

7.And no amount of stimulus is going to change that , because it is below conscious motivation .
8. They want to stuff the Golden Goose ,  but it does not want to eat anymore .

9. This will end badly .
Sheeple being treated like stuffed geese .For their livers .
Sheeple are actually were-sheeple .
They change and bite your head off .

10 . Well , I warned them .

Now , sic ‘em !
Being savaged by a dead sheep is nothing at all like to being mauled to death and beyond by a were-sheeple .

They bred special hounds to sniff and run away from were-sheeple .
Vampires fly a mile to get away from a were-sheeple woollen cloak .
Black holes get constipation id a super were-sheeple is even in the neighbourhood .
You get the drift .

As I said ,
Charon is on Uber .
When sheeple are pursuing , the other side of dead seems attractive .



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