Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How to run Faster .

How to Run Faster

Andre Willers
22 Oct 2014
Synopsis :
If you run in a circle , you confront the aggressor  .
Discussion :

An optimal CO2 level enables humans to run faster and also avoid panic attacks .

1.Humans during the cursorial raptor phase have evolved to measure speed , hence metabolic demand from the strokes of grass alongside the ankles and calves .
2. Use principles of phantom limbs

The Neanderthals died out because their legs were too short .

Why run when you can swim .

Egg thieves need a good turn of speed. Henrietta the Hen looks like this :


A no-no
Zinc re-absorption via the inner thighs plays a large role in activating homonin sexual pheromones and athletic success .

Serious runners .

The attempt by the body to reconcile reasonable speeds of motion (as on a travelator or escalator) with visual and muscle cues leads to negative energy usage : ie fat deposits .

Before shampoos , humans had to run fast or freeze . Or why Neanderthals had to wash often .

!Click songs in running . Nifty CO2-O2 balance mechanism .for cursorial raptors .

Self-limitation .

Endorphin Zone Enhancement .  EZE . Highly addictive .

After nearly 2 000 years Gaius Appuleius Diocles is still remembered as the greatest .

Paddling vs Running .

It runs on .

But you get the drift .

“Run for your life” is literally applicable . And your money .

Those who don’t run away .
The ones who confront .
The ones who walk towards trouble , not run away from it .
How many of these can a society tolerate ?
Reserve : 1/3
Upper loss of Reserve = 1/3 *1/3 = 1/9 ~11 %
Lower loss of Reserve =1/3^3 = 0.037 ~ 3.7%
A healthy human society should have about 11% serious runners and about 3.7 % law enforcement .
The United Nations recommends a minimum police strength of 222 per 100,000 people
 All  responders
Cops : 0.5  %
Other Active Do-gooders : 7.4 % est , (=1/3*1/3*2/3) the maybesos . What is left after two reserves . Hard helpers , but on standby .
Total : 9.1% .

The planetary society seems to be within emergency response parameters , whatever the media screams .

I told you running is important .

Pantingly yours

Andre .


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