Friday, July 03, 2009

Shadow .

Shadow .
Andre Willers .
5 Jul 2009

"The Shadow knows." Epynomous comic circa 20th century AD.

Synopsis :
A non-Aristotelian mind-changing technology .

Discussion :
The technology is simple , but the effects are deep .

The technology :
A bright light creates a shadow of a person . A digital camera identifies the shadow and an image is projected into the shadow-space . The image can be updated faster than the human can move (a moving image)
The technology is called "Under Scan" . It exists . Google it .

The projected image can be anything : moving images that shows what to do , how to look , what to eat , drink etc .

The Aristotelian dichotomy : either-or .
This is epitomized by shadow-light . The Platonic ideal is even exemplified by shadows on the cave-wall . But now we can blur the dichotomy . This has long been shown logically (Russell , Godel , et al) . But now we can do it at a visceral level .

Fear of the dark .
The oldest human fear .
This can be changed into an information source .

This has obvious therapeutic applications .

The fear of the stranger is usually a fear of the unknown (the dark) . While there might be good reasons to fear the unknown , it can be proven logically that a blanket denial of the unknown throws out more useful knowledge than dangers avoided by that approach .
It is riskier to fear the dark than to encroach on it . This is the essence of human technology .

Look at a night picture of the planet . It is ablaze with light . But our knowledge (eg writing) is a pattern of shadows .

This technology will have a profound psychological transformation on the species .
It is only starting .
Probably first through advertising , dancing classes , Wii exercisers , semi-VR masks .
Those glittering , multifaceted balls used in parties are very primitive forms of the technology . Each person on the dance floor can have an individually tailored image inside his shadow to show what to do .

The shadow becomes a friend .

The Aristotelian mind-set changes into a non-Aristotelian mind-set (ie closer to quantum systems) .

I repeat , the mental and social changes will be profound .

High-frequency focused sound beams .
This is an ancillary technology . Very high-frequency sound beams can be focused very narrowly . At their intersection , the beat-frequency can be in human-audible frequencies . In other words , the target can hear what a person right next to him cannot . This is obviously open to abuse , but it can be a unparalleled training , teaching and therapeutic tool .
It is an existing technology . You can buy it .
Silence (audible shadow) can become a friend .

Big Brother is not only watching and listening , but showing you and telling you what to do .

What ! Scared of your own shadow ?


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