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The Near Perfect Cup of Coffee .

The Near Perfect Cup of Coffee .

Andre Willers

31 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Using cold brewing and quantum methods , we can get a near perfect cup of coffee .

Discussion :

The process :

1.Stripping the berry protective layer .

2.Fermenting the pulp. Low heat , enzymes .

3.Stripping the bean protective layer .

4.Roasting the beans .The main process .

5.Grinding the beans.

6.Brewing the grounds .

6.1 Boiling (ie Turkish , Arabaic ,Greek,Cowboy ,Espresso)

6.2 Below boiling (ie filter , drip) . 92-98 Celsius

6.3 Cold brewing (the best) . 5 Celsius

6.3.1 Cold brewing with Quantum Entanglement :

Shine infrared or light lasers after passing through an upward converting crystal to create entangled photons . Shine this through the brewing vessel for the brewing period (12 hours in the fridge) . As discussed (see "Entangled illumination" or "A really good cup of coffee."

This can be enhanced by taking a very , very small pinch of sodium bicarbonate in the coffee . The micro-bubbles increases the surface reaction areas . Micro-eructations return the flavenoids to the nasal passages for aroma perception . (Cf salt and egg-shell additions in old recipes .)

Be cautious with the calcium .

Creating the entangled photons .

Not exactly rocket science , as long as it is one-way .

The difficult part is the monochromatic , in-step electro-magnetic source (laser) . These you can buy cheaply at your electronics store (diode lasers) . Any triangular prismatic crystal will do for this coarse splitting of the light-wave , and subsequent entanglement . Also called a "downconverting" crystal . We are not worried about subsequent events .

Remember , this is a statistical process . As long as we get a large enough percentage of entangled photons from our input source , we are happy .

Ordinary crystals with multi-frequency light does give some entanglement , but a very small percentage .

Even so , Arghh!!

This theoretical construct means that not just Homeopathy , but Crystal Power can have effects .

Not just one , but both of my favourite candidates for pseudoscience .

Shining entangled photons (through a crystal) in the reaction chamber during the Homeopathic reduction process means that , theoretically , and according to orthodox science , reassembly of molecules can be influenced .

Not exactly what I had in mind .

Luckily , the processes need to fairly exact , so most of the stuff out there is still garbage .

Addiction :

The cold-brewing process is far more addictive than the others .

The caffeine content is lower , but some of the flavenoids trigger the same receptors as opioids . Maybe why the hot-water brewing method evolved : limitation to caffeine and lesser addictives .

For therapy , try cold-brewed coffee on opioid addictives . I have no idea what will happen with cocaine-type addictives , but think it might replace . Methamphetamine addictives would probably benefit , as well .

Though , if CCR5 blockers are involved in the volatiles , they paid a heavy price .

Coffee and Sex .

Some aroma elements stimulates sexual attraction to the opposite sex .

Note the Mocha-Chocolates , coffee aroma perfumes , coffee as a dating ritual .

A modest part of the plant's repertoires of tricks to increase the number of spreaders .

But very volatile . I suspect (from goatish behaviour) that mammalian pheromones are involved .

Human vomenarosal nerve-channels are still intact , and can be triggered by normal scent receptors .

The smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee will turn any human female on . Males , too .

And they thought coffee was about caffeine .

Andre .

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