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Rabbits and the Singularity

Rabbits and the Singularity
Andre Willers
17 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
Around 600 AD Pope Gregory I decreed that newborn rabbits can be substituted for fish during Lent .
This was in response to popular movement . A thousand years later something similar happened to aquatic rodents in South America .
Why ? And what does it tell us ?

Discussion .
Transsubstiation was (and is) a cornerstone of the Christian faith . The change of something base into something better . The basis of the Last Meal . Totally contrary to the Platonic theory of ideals . Inherent in Hermetic systems afterwards , including alchemy and science . Theories of Conservation are not possible without this underlying concept of mutability .

Reverse- transsubstiation .
Something closer to quantum systems . If substance x gets Transsubstiationed , it is in a special correlation (entanglement) with it's more refined offspring . Thus , it is OK to eat something that appears like fish as it will be substantiated into fish . Which is why this whole thing is proscribed by the Catholic Church .
Without the discipline of quantum mechanics to define the boundaries of the entanglement , where do you stop ?You end up with the Buddhist concept of all is one .

Whereas , we know all is one only about 2/3 of the time . And we do not know which bits are one . Or whether they take turns .

Back to the rabbits .
Rabbits were not domesticated before this . It took the old monks about 100 years to breed domesticated rabbits . In other words , to bring about irreversible changes in their genome .

It tells us that the knowledge of how to domesticate wild animals had not been lost . Like weaving , it had simply and quietly gone underground . The same effect can be seen in the rapid development of various breeds of horses , dogs and other animals . Only R&D establishments like monasteries could afford this big an initial outlay . They were the Monsanto's of the Middle Ages , and about as mercenary . Think vertically integrated companies .
Really good bio-genetic engineers . They could deliver a horse to spec within about 5 generations .
They could do this because they kept a large stock of genetic blanks .

Of course they tried it with humans .
To perfect humans .
The real reason why the Templar's were eradicated .
Because they were unsuccessful . They were just another elite . Dump that test batch .

Another test batch was in Northern Germany . Depopulate during the 1600's , practice eugenics for four centuries and end up with the Nazi's .
Sigh .

Unfortunately , without an understanding of epigenetics , trying to breed better humans is on par with trying to breed a better operating system for your computer by choosing between various applications .

Epigenetics cannot be understood from unaided human observation .
Apart from complexity , the existence of reverse-transcriptase means that there are trap-door functions built into the whole system , precisely to prevent reverse-transcriptase from erasing the whole shebang . A rather basic application of encryption theory . It also means that one can never decrypt the whole system from observation alone .
Elegant !
No matter how large the population , real or virtual . So scratch the ban on birth-control . It is immaterial , in any case .

And , of course , after epigenetics is culture .
Epigenetics cannot be understood without the aid of a culture .
All those thingies to watch other thingies in finer and finer detail .
Made and paid for by large organizations . Decisions at cellular level dictated by cultural choices .

You can see how it goes .
This sequence does not stop . It is open ended .
As repeatedly stated in previous posts , and obvious from fact that (A plus ~A) is less than the Universum .
It is inherent in delineated systems .

Now can you see the importance of Reverse- transsubstiation ?
Humans being at the bottom end of the transsubstiation chain . A feedback loop perfectly describes the singularity (by definition) . Reverse- transsubstiation is just another term for the singularity . The rabbits are substitutes for humans . And they want to make you better .

A typical Aristotelian approach and denouement .
They ended up with two seemingly irreconcilable factions. Breeding better humans or educating them .
They did not take into account the 1/3 and 2/3 melding .
Thesis and anti-thesis fluctuate between 1/3 and 2/3 . The synthesis starts at 1/3 , which eventually swallows both .
Dynamic Aristotelianism .

They wanted a rabbit that looked like a fish .
Instead , they got Bugs Bunny .

"What's up , Doc ?"

So much for them .

Andre .

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