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Entangled Illumination - a major new technology.

Entangled Illumination - a major new technology.

Andre Willers

29 Jul 2009


Illuminating a process with entangled photons enables a much greater recovery of information than by un-entangled light alone.The factor can exceed a millionfold . Any particle can be an observer .


See Scientific American Feb 2009 p13 "Quantum afterlife" by CQ Choi .

Work done by Seth Lloyd of MIT .

Only theoretical at time of publication , but very probably much further advanced now , as application is so easy .

Destroying the entanglement enhances the process (ie entanglement over time , implied by Relativity , but this is a non-relative process) .

Note that this is "illumination" : we get the benefits of entanglement without all the nit-picking details . It can be directly applied to a large number of manufacturing processes .

Typical of Quantum theory , it mathematically describes a process where it is difficult to say " What does it mean?"

It is easier to show examples :

1.Chemical re-synthesis .

Our old friend coffee . (See "A really good cup of coffee : Hint " )

Shine entangled photons through coffee , then freeze-dry it (thereby destroying the entanglement)

When rehydrating , the entanglement effect comes through as a higher probability that fragile flavour-molecules will self-assemble . Since the factor can be a million-fold , we are talking a powerful effect .

Caffeine has been seriously mooted as a medium for quantum computers (Google it) , as it gives a fairly stable quantum-entanglement system .

Spooky , hey !

2.Life .

This concept is synergistic with infrared tech on cells:

(See "Gene Expression Control" .)

Cells routinely use entangled infrared photons to biase chemical synthesis in their own and daughter cells .

The alert reader will immediately notice that this once again raises the spectre of homeopathy .

It seems to have more lives than an entangled cat . (Apologies to Schrodinger)


This suggests some fast and cheap ways of making OLED's (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) .

The amusing thing would be to see if they can restrict the effect to the present time-frame . Your laptop screen showing different times simply will not do .

4.Entanglement catalysis .

Virtual or ephemeral catalysts can be created by this process , leading to much more efficient processes .

Development can easily be automated , too .

The internal combustion engine's exhaust products can be biased back to more useful hydrocarbons .

Or any system with useful exhausts .

5.Cold Fusion :

Shining entangled photons through the chamber is the necessary virtual catalyst for reassembly of information in a more useful form . A simple recipe .

A millionfold enhancement will give a very useful result .

6. Physics :

We look forward to the next installment of that long-standing sitcom , "The Standard Theory" .

Post-entanglement virtual particles . Orphan children . Divorced or separated virtual particles .

Can they avoid (gasp) the schemes of the Naked Singularity ? Avoid the clutches of Dark Matter ?

Never mind the Higgins particle .

What about the Perils of Pauline ?

"Do neutrino's have cellphones ? " Not an idle question .


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