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Weather Modification .

Weather Modification .

Andre Willers

21 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Shaped supersonic compression waves alter the feedback in the hurricane's eyewall .

Hurricane Modification .

From the work of Arkady Leonev , a fluid-dynamics engineer at the University of Akron . As described in Popular Science of March 2009 , p 28 " Hurricane Busters" .

His proposal and calculations : the supersonic compression waves of a pair of supersonic jets flying counter to the hurricane's rotation just outside it's eyewall in a narrowing spiral down to near sea-level will choke off the energy pump of the hurricane .

Discussion :

1.Multiples of three jets would be better . See work done on Wankel engine , helicopter rotors

2.Beware the stutter .

The hurricane engine would not just shut down , but collapse in stages , leaking really , really strong winds to the side at various altitudes .

3.Why supersonic waves ?

Because the supersonic shock-wave partakes some characteristics of an elongated particle . Namely , it has an identity and persists . Some conservation laws can be applied . Squeezing them down in a decreasing spiral exacerbates this . Non-linear effects near the bottom causes pulses of high-pressure to negate the low-pressure of the eye . Exceeding a critical frequency will cause the whole shebang to start an irreversible collapse . Many millions of tons of air start falling down from the stratosphere . Don't be near .

4. Fine tuning .

The pitch and form of helices , as well as reinforcing shapes would easiest be modeled on a big computer .

5. Steering Hurricanes .

Just stopping it leaves a large mass of hot air about . Trouble looking for a start . Much easier to steer the hurricane by elliptical helices of the orbiting aircraft . There is a lot of theoretical work on exactly this subject in Planetary formation , where they consider the effects of interstellar shockwaves on nascent gaseous planets .

6 Hurricane farms .

The planetary mechanism requires some way of redistributing energy from the tropics . Steering hurricane is one way , but more elegant is starting them and steering them , milking them of energy and fresh water on the way . This can be done by the reverse of the mechanism above . In the Atlantic , starting at the West African coast .

7. Tornado farms .

A hurricane's smaller brother , the tornado , can be harnessed the same way .

Prophylactic tornadoes . Some precisely patterned supersonic pathways can form and shape tornadoes in harmless or even useful directions .

8. Windshears .

Patterned supersonic flybys can precipitate potentially dangerous windshears .

9. Thunderstorms .

Something similar .

10 .Biotic pumps .

See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Biotic Pump"

Flying supersonic patterned helices from the coast to inland can induce thunderstorms and obviate even the need to maintain a green strip .

11. Tippler Machines :

The particular importance of patterned pathways and directions around the eye reminds one of Tippler machines . Showing again the inherent asymmetry in nature .

"You're not in Kansas , anymore , Dorothy .

Andre .

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