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Andre Willers

28 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Newborn neuron cells are budded from stem cells mainly in the dentate gyrus in the hippocampus . They migrate in their wanderjahr of about 7 days , then settle down and grow dendrites . After about 14 days , if they have not found their purpose in life , apoptosis sets in .

This is an on-going process . so there is a pool .

See Scientific American ,Mar 2009 , p41 .

Discussion :

Obviously , apoptosis is necessary , as the skull-space is limited . Instead , connectivity is fostered (learning) . But even then , only important learning .

Sigh . Learning that takes an effort (by definition) . Activation of distant neuronal complexes (mirror images) .

Pulsing :

These young neurons form a pool . So apoptosis is pulsed . Especially during growth spurts in pre-5 year old and post-puberty ages .

Puberty ages are bad . Neural rewiring is going on .

But how ? By apoptosing old cells and replacing them with new ones . Hence the use of drugs like alcohol and nicotine and school routine boredom . These pulse apoptosis . Music is used extensively . Theoretically , one could write music that pulses the apoptosis at a peak (cf suicide walz) .

Old age :

Another sigh . The brain gets too integrated . Dentrite switches don't go to the "on" position , as neural markers indicating extent of interconnection (ie myelin sheath , interneural fluids) are absent .

Cheats :

1.Propanolol :

And similar stuff . Edits the memory at cellular chemical level . New interconnections triggers reduction in apoptosis and dentrite growth , especially if taken with :

2.Caffeine . A powerful dentrite accelerator .

Entire new mirror-neuron networks can be created from spare newborn neurons . The interaction between them and the old ones create that "aha" learning sensation , signifying learning : ie neurotransmitters preventing apoptosis .

3. Apoptosis feedbacks .

One would think that increased apoptosis of neurons would signal a decrease in stem-cell activity . Not on your Aunt Nellie .

Remember , it pulses . An increased/decreased apoptosis means an increased information traffic on the other side . It is like a sine wave . The system has to cater for the maximum information load .

4. Overcoming the skull-size problem :

Four ways :

4.1 Chemical : already done , but long axons . Some elementary spin dynamics .

4.2 Electro-magnetic : pulsing via brainwaves . Phases of phases .

4.3 Super-luminal :also called quantum effects . Non-locality . Except , the trick is keep non-locality , well , local .

I have discussed this in previous posts .

4.4 Trans-luminal : singularity effects . Outside the scope of this article .

Chemo-therapy :

Anti-cancer drugs and to a certain extent , anti-flu drugs (like Tamiflu) inhibit new neuron growth . So expect an acute attack of the stupids after taking them .

Take omega-3 supplements , as well as some difficult , measured learning experience with continual feedback.

See http://www.topicscience.com

Do not use propanolol plus caffeine unless under supervision of somebody who knows what they are doing .

And other beta-blockers ?

Clinical experience does not have the weight of evidence . But beta-blockers work by basically retraining heart muscles .

Beta-blockers , the heart and neurogenesis .

These are intimately related . Stem cells from the brain end up in the heart muscles and neuro-systems (the two are very linked) .

So , taking a beta-blocker (like atenelol 30 mg) , then a pulse of calcium , and then a dose of caffeine should fix it . The beta-blocker would rewind it , the calcium pulse would fixate it and the dendritic accelerant like caffeine would propagate it . The atenalol dosage can then be discontinued . The system should have been reset to baby-stage .

Some other interesting neural effects should be apparent .

I just did it . So I will keep you posted .

If I peg off , at least I will die with an open book in front of me .

And so it goes in chez Frankenstein .

Andre .

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