Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Young Group Minds .

Young Group Minds .

Andre Willers

1 July 2009


Female human group minds are making a come-back in the run-up to the singularity .


My heart was gladdened to see at a recent wedding distinct signs of female group-minds re-forming . After the last little contretemps about 10 000 years ago , female group-minds were severely discouraged by the males . Male tried to recreate group-minds using the Learned-helplessness conditioning approach .(Armies) It worked in a rather hit-or-miss fashion . Males simply do not have the mirror-neuron-arrangement that makes for efficient co-ordination .

The species was significantly impoverished .

It will be interesting to see whether they will breed back to less aggressive , smaller upper-body males or channel the aggression . The latest evidence from developed societies seems the single mother parent . Aggressive males are being bred out of the population . And it goes much quicker than you think , going by empirical evidence from Scandinavian populations .

They exported their most aggressive gene-carriers and are now fairly docile unless you scratch too much . Epigenetic factors are involved , so do not be too sanguine . The leopard's spots can return with startling swiftness .

Female Group minds .

The mirror-networks in the brains of human females are set to empathy . They empathise much easier and better than males , especially at puberty when the whole brain is being rewired .

Being human , some simply do not like others , but those who do , form tight bonds . Over a certain threshold , this becomes a group-mind .

Friendships that last a life-time , regardless . Males do not do this .

The female group-mind is easily recognizable : they look the same . Physically , they look completely different , but in a bunch they act so similarly that the recognition-systems in the amygdala recognizes them as a distinct entity . The Greeks (as usual) had a name for them : Maenads .

Male group-minds are mild and usually called gangs or political parties . Female group-minds are for life , and the old ones are formidable .

It is the young ones that are a problem .

Western societies ostensibly lock up their young females in residences to protect their virtue . The real reason is to protect the society from young female group minds , especially to protect the young males .

A young female group mind has no conscience and knows it is immune to most punishments .Any male , or group of males has no defense . No matter what they do , they lose . The best defense is to run . Not exactly what the Good Creator had in mind with cursorial raptors .

Twitter et al .

The ease of social bonding using mechanisms like facebook , twitter , email , etc favours female bonding much more than male bonding by the very nature of the animals . So , either females will take over or males will have to change .

Explosive revolution .

I did not think this likely , but analyzing the factors involved , an Islamic or all over revolution giving the females an upper hand is not too unlikely . Most of the real power is already in the hands of the women(in their little alcoves with internet connections all over and inherited wealth .)

The problem is that immediate command and control over NBC weapons is not very amenable to long-term suasion . It will be interesting to see if Islamic women will allow their men's hollow posturing to exterminate them all , especially their grand-children . And the West ? Will their women allow it ? Thus far they have not . (Actual history : Hitler gave commands to reduce Western Europe to sub-agriculture . They were disobeyed by men with families . )

Will women allow men to continue to muck it up ?

Will it be too bad?

They can't do much worse than the present lot . The mismanagement of oil and coffee (the two most traded commodities) beggars belief .

Remember : there is on and only one reason to have an economic system : To eat three times a day . Nothing else counts .

If this does not work , guess what gets scrapped .

And young group minds ?

Where do they fit in ?

They already exist in large numbers all over the globe . Ask Neda in Iran

They are a typical revolutionary party : willing to sacrifice short-term gain for long term , uncertain gain . Their grandchildren .

And they are coming .

You have been warned .


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