Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shangri-La .

Shangri-La .
Andre Willers
18 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
The place of peace , tranquility and contemplation .

Discussion :
Far too boring for humans . Nice place to visit and recuperate , but nobody wants to stay there .
Sturm und drang . And if it does not exist , they will create it .

Quote from "National Geographic" May 2009 "Searching for Shangri-La"
"Ten years ago the was becoming a ghost town of derelict buildings and deserted dirt roads ."
"Tourism saved the place .The Tibetan farm-houses were rediscovered as unique , endemic architecture that could turn a profit. Redevelopment started immediately ."

Peace and tranquility is very well if you are at the top of the heap . Any position below that can only be bettered by a little churning .

Apropos to that:
If you want a really wild time on the really, really old time , be around Stone Henge , the Bermuda triangle or just south of Memphis in old Egypt from 17 July to 28 August 2009 .
A large magnetic monopole flux is predicted .

I have to warn you that you will enjoy it more if you wear something fashionable .

Andre .

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