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Hearing 4 .

Hearing 4 .

Andre Willers

26 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Existence proof that auditory and visual systems can be trained even in advanced age .

Discussion :

1. There is a large industry (about $225 million pa ) doing exactly this in rehab and sports . See

Or Appendix A

2. See New Scientist 18 April 2009 p13 "Mind gym helps life with schizophrenia" where it describes promising results

using some of PositScience's auditory training programs to induce a bottoms-up amelioration . (ie if the mental hearing processes are not properly trained , the resulting fuzz gets filled in by the brain's pattern-filling mechanism . This is a well-known mechanism used in creative mutation processes , quantum signal processing and stochastic resonance . Too much of it , though , and it is anchors aweigh .)

Visual : Itarin

Itarin does the same and more than the PositScience "InSight" program as far as training is concerned . Itarin is not very user friendly , though , as it was written as a development tool .

I wrote Itarin towards the end of 1998 . There is a documentation version of the theory on

Whether this leaves me any rights, I leave to the lawayers .

Auditory :

I considered visual systems more fundamental , and did not pay much attention to auditory systems until my own hearing diminished . PositScience , however , concentrated on that angle . It is interesting to note how the two systems converge .

The same programs are used, because the same type of neural systems are involved in the brain .

See "Hearing" , "Hearing 2" , "Hearing 3"

There are easier and faster ways of training auditory systems if used in conjunction with visual systems .



Appendix A


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