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Aroma and Caffeine .

Aroma and Caffeine .
Andre Willers
12 Jul 2009

"Smell the Coffee "

Synopsis :
The chemicals in the aroma of coffee and tea plays the major role . Caffeine plays base .
The aroma is the important thing .

Discussion :
The argument is evolutionary . Fermentation in the stomachs of herbivores is the key .
Plants evolved chemicals which , on fermentation released other chemicals that pleased the bacteria in the stomach and gut.
To provide the necessary feedback for further consumption , caffeine speeded up dendritic systems . This included immune and nervous systems . Also acted as a handy nerve-system insecticide . (Typical evolutionary multi-use)

To please the gut-bacteria , the chemicals must be quite beneficial . Good for you .

The heat of fermentation plays a major role . Hence the role of roasting and fermentation in making coffee and tea .

Coffee and tea evolved to smell nice in the gut to other bacteria .

Of course , it would smell nice to us . The caffeine speeds up dendritic activity (ie accentuates) their role . The neural network learns accordingly .
The immune system dendritic cells are powerfully affected .
And it learns from the aroma-chemicals .

CCR5 receptor .
The aroma of coffee and tea seems to contain a blocker to the site . Hence the historical anomalies . Non-coffee or tea areas (like western Europe) acted like virgin populations to the Plague , but not areas further east .
The Plague vanished out of Europe as coffee consumption increased . The 1918 flu was worst in areas where coffee was unavailable due to the war .
Flu-epidemics have become more prevalent in post-war years due to the increased popularity of instant coffee (which is not coffee at all ) and tea-bags (which does not allow an aroma .)

And HIV and flu uses the site .
The declining rate of AIDS in the western coast of the USA can be shown to be inversely related to the growth of Starbucks .

Rather amusing . Western and Eastern civilizations flourished due to coffee and tea aromas . But humans cleverly have removed the one element that made it possible , namely the CCR5 blocker in the aroma . And now they wonder at the plagues descending on them .

Another amusing thing :
Coffee is one of the most researched things around . Especially the aroma . But they have focused on faking it , to add it to instant coffees . The more complicated compounds were ignored .
Somewhere, in some forgotten paper , is the clue to a CCR5 blocker .

"Drink Fomo Instant , and forget about flu or HIV ! " . This is actually possible (Remember Viagra.)

What To Do ?
1. Smell the coffee or tea . Ceremonies . Why is there no coffee-smelling ceremony like with tea ?
2. A few semi-roasted ground-up coffee beans with a small pinch of bicarbonate of soda should give an intestinal aroma .
3. Take a hefty dose of caffeine after taking tamiflu or antibiotics . To activate dendritic immune cells .
4. Identify the blockers in the aroma and use them .

Smell the Coffee !


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