Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Toxoplasma Health Warning

Toxoplasma Health Warning
Andre Willers

28 Jul 2009


Toxoplasma has been convincingly shown to alter human behaviour in Rh-neg persons , and not for the better .

Discussion :

See New Scientist 6 Jun 2009 p11 .

Subjects of a study of 3890 military drivers over 18 months found that Rh-neg persons infected with toxoplasma had a significantly higher accident rate (2.5 times higher) than persons not infected or not Rh-neg .

Rh-neg infected persons also had a significantly slower reaction time .

Apparantly , the Rh-neg group has a protein on the blood-cells that enables the toxoplasma to pass the blood-brain barrier .

Since toxoplasma is notorious for stimulating risky behaviour in rodents , it might be up to the same tricks in humans . It has already bypassed most barriers in Rh-neg persons .

The human vector is the cat .

So , if you are Rh-neg and have a cat , do not expect to do well in sports involving fast reactions .

Drive defensively .

Think twice about indulging in risky behaviour , since it might be the toxoplasma driving , not you .

Note the risky behaviour of so-called witches in the Middle-Ages . The cat association seems to have a direct correlation with risky and non-rational behaviour . (Cf suffragettes)

I wonder if a dog can smell a toxoplasma infected cat ? Is part of the dog-cat animosity simply the dog's attempt to protect his human ? His sense of smell is certainly acute enough to pick up metabolic breakdown factors of the toxoplasma bacterium .

Did witch-smellers use dogs ?

Fragrantly yours

Andre .

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