Friday, July 10, 2009

Sacrificial Reserves.

Sacrificial Reserves.
Andre Willers
13 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
A very old evolutionary mechanism to optimize species survival in a fluctuating environment .

Discussion :
Evolutionary systems are not good at limiting overpopulation . By it's very nature , a successful adaptation will fill all available niches in the ecosystem .

But the ecosystem fluctuates between bad times and good times .

If a part of the population has a less competitive gene-set , this plays very little role during good times . But during bad times , this population group cannot compete nearly as well . It functions as a reserve in bad times .
They die off easily or serve as food .

Repeat over and over again . The less-competitive gene-set gets selected because of it's reserve availability during bad times .
The ratio can be calculated using Reserve arguments in "New Tools:Reserves".
Usually between 10 and 20 percent .

This is fractal , so it can be seen from gene-level upwards .

Recessive genes .
Ever wonder why we have recessive genes at all ?
In a large group they form a sacrificial reserve .

Once you know what to look for , societies and populations abound in sacrificial reserves .

Non-reproductive sexes (gays , etc.) See "Sexes of Man"
Left-handed people . See "Hearing 2 : Hearing and Vision."
Colour blindness .
Religious systems abounds in sacrificial reserves . Buddhism , Christianity , Islam , etc , etc .
The systems evolved to compensate for civilization crashes .
Numerous diseases .

And of course , the granddaddy of them all : old age . Programmed apoptosis .
This , of course implies that there is a population group that has no old age . The ur-group that utilizes the agers as a sacrificial reserve .

The examples go on and on . It really is a basic mechanism .

Fashion :
A system with no reserves . The whole point . It is a counter to all the reserves being created all the time .

Sacrificial Reserves is very powerful mechanism .
We can always put the organism under stress . Getting drunk is the easiest .
The trick is to prevent the backward-feedback . Tamiflu does this .
Hypnotism is another candidate .

To zap swineflu (or A,B type flu . )
Take Tamiflu and get drunk .
The flu stimulates a flight-or-fight reaction .Tamiflu prevents flu-type organisms from replicating . This frees up resources to the body . An "Aha" feeling . Sigh . Another druggie thing .
The alcohol also zaps gut-bacteria , freeing up a large portion of the immune system away from the gut . Do not take probiotics .

The net effect is a mobilization of the immune system against the flu system that cannot defend itself because Tamiflu inhibits the feedback mechanism to grow the number of flu viruses . The net effect is an "Aha" feeling . Tamiflu plus alcohol should then be classified as a psychologically addictive process .
A new perversion , by gad !

More later .


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