Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Visa for Heaven .

A Visa for Heaven .

Andre Willers
19 May 2013
Governments are converting permission systems into profit centers by outsourcing . Big Clerk is watching .
Discussion :
2. Kuoni is a Swiss travel company , with worldwide subsidiaries like VFSGlobal .
They contract with governments to handle all the red tape and admin concerning Visa applications .
Eg a South African wanting to go travel to the UK has to apply at a VFS office (not Home Affairs)
3. The advantage to the government is that there is no extra strain on administrative procedures . Just income .
4.The advantage to VFS is profit .
5.The advantage to the citizen is negative . This extra layer of bureaucracy costs extra .
6. The Visa system was meant to control access of undesirable elements .
7.Now it is a profit centre  .
8.This means the real power of access is now in the hands of a faceless multinational  . If they say “No” , you won’t even get to Home Affairs .
9 . Exactly the little problem that led to the Protestant Religious Wars .
10. A Third party controlling the Visa to heaven (or greener pastures) will follow the same route .
10.1 Jack up the prices .
10.2 Arrogantly try for  bigger control .
10.3 Get destroyed in subsequent revolutionary backlash .

11. “Is this Visa Kosher or Halaal ?” 
Answer : “ If it is not VSF , it is only valid for Hell “
12. And we are off to the races .

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