Friday, May 03, 2013

Single Asteroid impacts are greatly exaggerated .

Single Asteroid impacts are greatly exaggerated .

Andre Willers
3 May 2013
Synopsis :
Any projectile that punches through the crust has it’s energy dissipated in the magma , which is more like ballistic gel . Binary asteroids can cause much greater destruction to the biosphere .
Discussion :
1.You can watch projectile porn ad nauseam on Youtube . Any conceivable projectile impact on the planet can be watched in motion and colour . See Appendix A .
2.The ballistic gel is the planetary magma .
3.Ragged edges on entry translates as damage to the biosphere . Small percentages of energy that leaks out at right angles to the impact .
4. The major point is that only a small fraction of the kinetic energy gets transferred to the biosphere at the point of impact .
The rest is smothered by the bomb-blanket of the planetary magma . It will pop up later , but slower , in drips-and-drabs .
5.With binary asteroids , a larger fraction is transferred to the biosphere because of interference effects at the point of impact .
See NewScientist 9 Feb 2013 p11 “Dinosaur-killing space rock was a terrible twosome”
6. Biosphere strikes of single rocks are limited and plateaus . Multiple near-simultaneous strikes causes a much larger side-ways flash of energy .The biosphere damage can be very severe as significant percentages of the impactor plasma is blown sideways into the biosphere . The impact craters will coalesce , with typically ragged “shark’s tooth” spikes on the edges of the combined crater  ( 2 X (number of impactors – 1) )

7. I am a bit pissed off . Any of the so-called scientists in the last 60 years should have called it . They knew it .
8. Instead they chose to play the “Wolf-Wolf” card for short term gain . Now nobody is going to watch for the 15% of near-Earth impactors that are multiples . The Real killers .
9.Humans deserve to be extinct .

Disgusted .

Appendix A . A small asteroid . Note the typical small crater-like entry points .  shotgun . note ragged entry points . Binary asteroids .  : magnum 357 at 3 330 m/s compared to asteroid impact of 11 000 m/s . Even a small ballistic gel envelope survives the impact . A envelope comparable to the Earth’s volume will hardly show it .

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