Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paradox and Superhuman

Paradox and Superhuman .

Andre Willers
12 May 2013
Synopsis :
We use Paradox tools to uplift crippled humans (like Aspergers) to normal . The same tools uplift normal humans to superhumans .
Discussion :
1.Visual paradoxes
2.Just watch the images for about ten minutes . No other effort required . You might get a bit hungry and breathe faster . Cacchinnation might occur .
3.What is going on ?
The brain mechanisms do some grudging repair forced by attempted paradox resolution .
4. You can read Zen , or philosophy , but it is slower .
5. New dimensions are forced open . See all my old posts on the subject of dimensions  . Boring and obvious .
6. Just watch the images for about ten minutes a day .
That’s it .
Not even a single gorilla stomach crunch .
Don’t worry . Your local guru will soon complexify matters  and charge for it .
All lunches are free at the Apoptosis Spa .
But never fart while contemplating the Infinite. Those two sideways bubbles can be a real pain in the katochas .

Never , ever visit the friendly young lady that stays up from the Escher-stairs .
As you can see the effect is noticeable even after only ten minutes of looking .
Continue at your peril .
Andre Simplicius .


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