Monday, May 06, 2013

Reverse Microwave

Reverse Microwave .

Andre Willers
6 May 2013
Synopsis :
A microwave oven that works in reverse can be built . There is some danger in negative Kelvin temperatures leading to explosive effects . A super battery is a corollary . Also a spacedrive .
Discussion :
1.Description :
A simple box with six magnetron’s waveguides directed in pairs against each other .  The object in the focus gets cooled , even to sub-Kelvin if the system is powerful enough and run long enough .
Run a strong fan to remove the highest energy particles .
2.Theory :
2.1Two EM waves 180 degrees out of phase cancel out . The energy inherent in each then either  vanishes “non-locally” into extensions of the waves (popular) or into that favourite grab-bag , potential energy (of the vacuum , in this case) .
2.2 Those blasts of microwaves at right-angles to each other cancel out about 2/3 of the waves . Use Root-mean-Square argument to get about 0.7 .
2.3 The remainder 1/3 “soak” up some heat radiation from the object at focus . Say another 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9 . This is removed by the fan .
2.4 . This is very fast cooling .Please take care .
2.5 Sub-Kelvin :
This happens when temperature fluctuations are translated into spin .  See
Very high energy-packing densities can be achieved .
3. Electrons will boil off into direct current as containment fields are relaxed . Interesting to note that the “temperature” of the electrons then can come either from the vacuum energy , or from the extensions of the original waves , given quantum uncertainties . The same thing really . Maybe a slight bias as far as vector .
4. Momentum non-linearity :
The is also exceeded . The energy can be released in a controlled fashion in a non-linear method .
A direct space-drive , from a microwave oven . Now we are cooking .

5.Large  , powerful phase array radars will not only cook some poor birds flying into the focus , but will freeze some as well . This , of course , will be swept under the carpet in time-honoured scientific tradition . Not even DARPA knows .
And many others . Though there are enough normal reasons that will freeze birds . But a little extra help from your friendly phase-array radar will increase frequencies .
6. Samsung anti-gravity scooter free with every Samsung smartphone . Planetary navigation App at small charge .
Is it hot or cool ?

Andre .

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