Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Terror Birds.

Terror birds .

Andre Willers
14 May 2013
Synopsis :
Why did Terror Birds fail ? Because of their egg-laying strategy .

Discussion :
1.Dinosaurs in the form of large birds stuck around to the present day . Discuss it with an ostrich .
2.Other large birds  like Moa’s lived to quite recent times . They held their own .
3.How ?
4.Individually and as groups the terror birds outperformed mammals .
5. Their fatal weakness :
The egg-layer has to invest enough energy in the egg to ensure the offsprings’s survival .
The mammal invested minimal energy in the egg’s development , but only invested energy after birth in the survivors  . Calculate the energy cost yourself .
The bird has to pay up front , while the mammal only pays for the survivors .
The difference is why birds are all small . (Chickens) , instead of chasing you around for a snack .
But it was a fairly close-run thing .
Mammals simply outbred dinosaurs .

6. Creating new Terror Birds .
Quite easy .
DNA from present fighting cocks combined with DNA from large Terror Birds from fossils  , in ostrich egg incubators will give you a much easier resurrection of an old line ,
Given the popularity of cock-fighting , this has already been done for the smaller birds . Nobody is going to bet against an enormous Moa-type . But a small , really vicious weasel-type bird will be quite successful against the present rather stupid domesticated species . Been done .

7.How smart are they ?
Bird brains are organised differently . Some crows or parrots are equivalent to dogs in certain aspects . Even though the brain mass ratio’s are quite different .
A large terror bird will probably beat the best mammal predator at the moment . They will have to resurrect that old homonid terror , Felix Dino . Tweaked with fox or coyote genes , it could give humans a run for their money in Inner Cities , especially if they are in ruins (like Detroit) .
8. Terror bird  vs Felix Dino  fights was not exactly what I had in mind when I started this .
Now you will have to dodge the homicidal birds , carnivorous cat horrors , as well as the usual muggers , drug dealers and panhandlers .
Isn’t Ecology wonderful ?
Scrambled or over easy ?
Gaia’s fast order cook .
In memoriam of 400 ppm CO2 .
Regards to all the cool dudes in power .


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