Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheat at virtual running .

Cheat at Virtual Running .

Andre Willers
17 May 2013
Synopsis :
Exercise without strain by cheating yourself .
Discussion :
1.Humans during the cursorial raptor phase have evolved to measure speed , hence metabolic demand from the strokes of grass alongside the ankles and calves .
2. Use principles of phantom limbs
Neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden created the illusion of a phantom limb in non-amputees like this. First, they had subjects sit down and place their arm behind a screen, so it was out of view. Next, behind the screen, the scientists tickled the unseen hand with a paintbrush. While they did that, the scientists waved a second paintbrush in front of the subjects, in full view. The two paintbrushes--the invisible one tickling the hand and the other just brushing the air in front of the subject--made the same movements.
The scientists discovered that the majority of subjects, within a minute, had the sensation of an invisible hand reaching out toward the paintbrush in mid-air. To test the sensation, researchers placed a knife in the air, where the the subjects reported feeling the third hand (eep). The subjects' sweat was measured as a way of testing stress, and when the knife was placed across the "invisible" hand, the subjects sweated more. As a control, if the knife was waved in front of the subjects without having the phantom hand induced, they didn't experience elevated stress.

3. The rest is obvious .
3.1 Block visual perception between upper body and legs . (A board). Have some visual screens showing running through grassland . Standard gym .
3.2 Synchronize the speed of screen running with 4 fluffy brushes on both sides of the legs that mimic the effect of grass stalks while running . Driven by geared bicycle pedals .
You can use ordinary bicycle gears . (Electric motors initially in case of paralysis)
3.3. And you’re off and running virtually .
3.4 The Trick !
Gearing .
The system would habituate , unless there is a correlation between extra pedalling and speed on the screens .
Your body would think that you actualling running as fast as indicated on the visual screens , and adapt the body and leg metabolism accordingly .
Get fit without effort . Also build neurons in handicapped persons .
4. The Real Joker !
The gearing has a feedback factor .
The fake becomes real .
The runner runs for real .
5. A note on brush design : Make gaps . Grass would rasp against the skin on the forward stroke of the leg , but not the backwards .
Remember , the left and right leg would be 180 degrees out of phase  .
6. Music : This must be synchronised with the forward brush stroke . Note para 5  above .
7.The Poor Man’s System .
7.1 Stick your legs under a desk where you can’t see them . (It won’t work otherwise)
7.2 Use a magazine in each hand to brush backwards and forwards against the outer calves as if you are running through grass  . The hands will alternate 180 degrees out of phase naturally .  This is inherent in the gait .
7.3 Your heels will start tapping naturally . Let them . Your body is running virtually .
7.4 Listen to the music . There are no rules . Speed up or down as you feel like .
7.5 How long ? As long as you like .
The same Fitness factor as in para 4 above is operative .
8. How does it work ?
Those little hairs on the lower calf and ankle . They measure and give feedback to the whole system . Including bloodpresure .
They measure the bipedal body at points of maximal stress : namely on one leg  , striding .
Even wind will work .
9.This means you should be able to control your blood pressure with a simple fan from the front , alternating between the legs .
And most high Blood pressure problems is because of socks and shoes !
10. Any long-distance athlete should be able to run better by training with a fan switching between his lower legs .
11. Cyclists .
Shaving their legs means losing this feedback mechanism . The body falls back into the standard Noakes expectation pattern .
12. Blood pressure :
Daily average BP then approaches expected Max  BP . Unless the cycle is broken by alternate wind pressure on  lower legs for about 5 minutes .
Can it be this simple ?
 I don’t know  , but will give it a try .
You humans need to run fast , because there are lot’s of things gaining .

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