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See UV like a Bird or Insect .

See UV like a Bird or Insect

Andre Willers
17 May 2013
Synopsis :
Smartphones can see into UV . A capability mammals lost 100 MYA . An App is possible to see plants in all their glory . A huge market .
Discussion :
1.Most Mammals lost the genetic capability to see UV about 100 Millon Years Ago(MYA)
Some animals and humans have regained some capability .(Some women ,especially , have opsins that are sensitive in the UV)
See Appendix I .

2.The hardware in Smartphones are sensitive to these radiations .
“Our results support the idea that smartphones can be used for scientific monitoring of UVA radiation.
3. The full glory of birds and plants cannot be appreciated without UV imaging .
4.Camouflage :
Many species camouflage for mammal predators , but advertise in UV for mates or pollinators .
5. These can be seen and photographed easily and cheaply using Apps on Smartphones .
6. Amusing : Epicanthithic fold populations can see UV better . See Appendices  I and II .
Eg , Chinese and Tibetans will see UV better . They already have some pre-prepared neuro-hardware .
Expect a huge demand for Byzantine Ikons from China and Tibet .
7. Hyper Ikons .
The Trick !
Human sexual selection these days is done by Hyper-Ikons .
 It is a power law . Built in the complex feedback system .
We know that there will be  One . But will you be the One ?  Or is it random ? It is also fractal . So there is usually One  for every grouping .
If you still don’t fit , get some  dogs . Dogs will accept just about anybody into the pack .
If you still don’t fit , become an artist .
“Just another mosaic in the wall . “
Plants , birds and insects in UV appear like Hyper-Ikons . See Appendix III for the reasons .
Search Google Images UV for plants , birds , insects , Roman mosaics, Tibetan Mandala’s , Chinese fingernails and Byzantine Ikons . Note the similarities .
A Tibetan Ikon is called a Mandala.
7.1 Byzantine ikons in ultraviolet light
7.2 Plants in ultraviolet light
7.3 Birds  in UV
7.4 Insects in UV
7.5 Roman Mosaics in UV . Notice the extreme similarities to Byzantine Ikons  in UV  .
7.6 Tibetan Mandala in UV
Compare this to Tibetan Mandala in ordinary light : lacklustre . That missing tile-UV oomph .
7.7 Chinese Fingernail Ikons from Mosaics .
A New-Old profession : Nail Ikonist .
A fascinating fusion  of mosaic and icon painting . Packs a punch  .
As usual , the Chinese did it first , without realizing the full implications . An Inverse Hyper Ikon .
See also
8. Gaian Footprint :
As the Sherpa said : “ Not Yeti , not Yeti ! . Wait for it ! . Wait for it !  Really , really Big Foot !”
From the tribe of One .
Andre .
Appendix I
Epicanthic Fold and Ultra Violet .
Andre Willers
13 Jul 2011

Synopsis :
Some humans and animals deriving from ice and snow reflective environments have evolved the ability to re-express UV Dopsins .  They can see into the Ultra Violet .
This is focused by an extra layer of highly-refractive fats from the epicanthic fold .
Hence the shortsightedness of people with epicanthic folds .

Discussion :
NewScientist 4 Jun 2011 p20 "Reindeer gained UV-vision after moving to the Arctic" "Epicanthic folds and carbon monoxide" Jun 2011

Reindeer have been proven to see UV (Journal of experimental Biology , DOI:10.1242/jeb.053553 )

But the UV dopsins enabling mammals to see UV was supposed to have been lost circa 100 MYA .

The only way reindeer could have re-acquired it is by way of un-suppression of certain genes . This was within the last 10 000 years , but the process would have been within about 8 successive generations (at most , 200 years)

Humans , under the same evolutionary pressures , would have reactivated and selected for the same genes .

Neanderthals :
They could probably see some way into UV , as a cold-adaptation .

The Advantages of UV vision

1.See urine traces on snow or ice  (absorbs UV)
2.See lichen . (absorbs UV)

The Disadvantages of UV vision

See all the insect world in glorious colour . But this ties up enormous processing space in the visual and brain processes .

This can easily be tested .

The fats from the epicanthic fold not only test for carbon monoxide , but also refracts light more . Optimized on UV .

Unfortunately , this means that most people with epicanthic folds will be shortsighted

Calligraphy :
Chinese writing is three dimensional . The brush strokes create UV reflectors that can only be seen by somebody that can see UV . The same with the vases .
Normal humans can see hints of deeper patterns , and then create more meaningful patterns in their minds than those that exist . Each one individual . A neat technique .

Shining UV of different frequencies (around the harmonics of human dopsins) onto Chinese calligraphics (or Byzantine icons) should have interesting results .

Even better , let a trained UV seer look at it .

Click-speakers and UV-seers

Cave paintings  and monoliths
The most potent Shamans would have been both Click-speakers and UV seers .
And they figured out ways to translate between them .

There should be a series of Sound(i) <-> UV(i)  transformations

And you can test these with sound and UV generators /sensors

The curlicues of very old Chinese or Tibetan carvings or calligraphy should give a Rosetta Stone to translate neolithic carvings and monoliths
Clicking on some old glyphs should light them up in UV ..

Byzantine Icons .
I have no idea where these came from .
Shining a UV light on them , monitoring the returns while making clicking sounds will change the UV return . There is information locked into the system , but what ?

Even prints of icons have information densities higher than is possible without an observer .

This is why they are so appealing . The same as Chinese calligraphy or vases .

See Appendix A below .

Calligraphy and Icons are mind control systems .
See Rull Mind controls in Appendix A

Give me my ballpoint pen !



Appendix A

Rull Mind-controls

Andre Willers
15 Jun 2008

Background :
AE van Vogt in the 1950’s postulated an alien species whose understanding of the human nervous system was so profound that they could compel certain behaviours by sketching lines on surfaces .
He called them the Rull .

Is this possible with humans ?
Yes . It is called writing .
Orders . The Truth Revealed . The Law , etc .

The Rull .
Let us postulate that the Rull communicates by exchanging scent molecules and have no concept of writing . They then have a language surpassing any human by factors of thousands . They would not even recognize human language as communication , the same as humans do not recognize the chimp cries .

In analyzing human communication , they would take the entire organism into account .

The visual sub-section would involve hard-wired responses from the human evolutionary ancestry and more recent neural-network learned behaviours .

They desire to induce a compulsive state . One is available in the “Falling-in-Love” syndrome , an obsessive-compulsive state essential to human survival . There are even hard-wired triggers : body-shapes (hips , breasts etc for males , legs ,shoulders for females , etc.)

They would notice that most human neural activity takes place at a sub-conscious level .
Many mirror-neuron networks compete to present a composite to the sensorium .
This provides scope for iteration . This is essential for compulsion .

An image with a fractal pattern , but a different pattern at each iteration leading to the desired neural configuration .

A good one will take eyeball saccades into account .

The person looking at the pattern will not even be aware that neural cascades are building up into the pre-programmed firing sequences .

Until Wham! The obsessive-compulsive complex is activated .

The human visual system is acute enough to make fine fractal differences of this nature possible .

An example :
Take “Drink Coke” . Assign each pixel to a fractal pattern and spread them according to a most probable saccade pattern  . With each iteration of the eyeball movement and successive integrations in the brain , the elements of the slogan is assembled and eventually recognized consciously . But , before that , elements of it are evaluated by the amygdala in a google-type friend-or-foe reaction . This is where the Rull would tie in a “friend” reaction using old evolutionary paths .

Note that the amygdala plays a role analogous to the immune system .
But it has an Achilles heel . It has to allow obsessive-compulsive behaviour (“Falling in Love”) , otherwise the species will die out .

Note Mk IV humans . Glasses allow both fine-detail obsessive compulsive behaviour (the definition of MkIV) and more “normal” behaviour .
People with glasses also fall in love forever . The obsessive-compulsion is , well , obsessive .

Men who want to marry should make passes at girls who wear glasses .

This made the grand Chinese Experiment of one-child families possible .
The 85% wearing of glasses by Chinese means that they love their spouse and child obsessively . This rather changes the dynamic . There are no spare males for military adventures . If the leadership tries human-wave attacks , they will face revolt .
There might be a lot of them , but everyone is two citizen’s only son .

This leads to an intriguing speculation : does wearing glasses lead to a fundamental change in human perception (the way the neural cascades are assembled) ?

The answer is yes .

It is because of peripheral vision .
In the natural state , peripheral vision is unbounded : there is no clear demarcation .
But with glasses there is .

The visual system adapts , but the Friend-or-foe amygdala reaction  takes place before the visual assembly is done  . Varying the size and strength of the glasses then gives an easy and powerful way of reprogramming the amygdala !

I draw your attention to the “-isms” : patriotism , nationalism , communism , capitalism etc and ad nauseam etc . These became common as the use of glasses proliferated .

But why did organized religion like Catholicism or Protestantism then decline?
This is ironic : because they were too broad . The same thing is happening at the moment to sciences like physics .

Glasses have a focusing effect on the mirror-neuronal assemblies . Vague theories without any backup remain out of focus and are treated like peripheral vision items outside the rim of the glasses .

You can rid of phobias easily .
Create your own phobias or philias !

The Rull strikes again!

Appendix II
Epicanthic Folds and Carbon Monoxide.
Andre Willers
29 Jun 2011

Fats in epicanthic folds , spread over the eyeball , acts as warning for dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide . This will be evolutionary dominant (like nosehairs for smoke)

Discussion :
The mutation package was part of the changes to the refugees in the Tibetan Plateau .
Not only changes to the oxygen exchange mechanism to tolerate high altitudes , but also a sensor about dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide .

The carbon monoxide comes from the use of charcoal (low weight) in a low-oxygen environment  (ie high altitude) .
It was also cold . So , environments had to be sealed and heated .
High altitude was crucial . Low partial pressure of oxygen . The CO effect would be more marked .

How would the warning surface ?
I do not know , but theorize that it would be a prickling and irritation of eyeball as CO interact with epicanthic fats to form irritants .

The children with certain types of fats in their epicanthic folds had very strong advantages . Like survival .

Their descendants populated the lowlands ( Han , Mongols) . In yurts and snowed in Chinese houses , if their eyes started to prickle , they got out and avoided CO poisoning .

Human perverseness :
Their descendants liked CO : ie smoking . Got nothing to do with nicotine .
You would get the same reaction by blowing a metered CO concentration over the eyeballs .

Appendix III
 Super Ikons . Hyper Ikons

Andre Willers
12 May 2013
Synopsis :
Byzantine paintings of mosaics led to subtle effects of chaotic Penrose tiling translated into Ikon paradoxes . The impression of very high-density information . we can make a super-ikon .
Discussion :
1.A mosaic distorts an image in a fractal and a paradoxical way . Penrose treated this at length .
2.An Ikon (ie a an attempted continuous mapping of a discontinuous mosaic to a continuous painting) led to some interesting ways in which humans perceive things .
3. The paradoxical contradictions flowing from the mosaic imbues the painting with a numinous sense of deeper information . Unmistakable .
4.Brain formations try to resolve this . Hence ikons as objects of meditation . It works , too . See Appendix A.

5. How to make a Hyper-Ikon .
5.1Generate the tiling from
5.2 Then paint the above Ikon using human hands and eyes .
5.3 The imperfections and fractal tiling in the human painting hints at deeper meanings . The human retina and brain shouts “Yes Sir!” and tries to make sense of it
In the process generating new levels of meaning and paradox resolution . See Appendix A .
5.4 This is a Hyper-Ikon . Comparable to Idoru’s . But much easier to make .
5.5 Just looking at a Hyper-Ikon is enough to bring about major differences in mentation . This actually works . Try it .
5.6 Advertising as general mental hygiene and upliftment .
6. Augmented Reality (like Google Glasses) .
The tiling bit is easy , but the artist bit will be done by an AI franchise .

Appendix A

Paradox and Superhuman
Andre Willers
12 May 2013
Synopsis :
We use Paradox tools to uplift crippled humans (like Aspergers) to normal . The same tools uplift normal humans to superhumans .
Discussion :
1.Visual paradoxes
2.Just watch the images for about ten minutes . No other effort required . You might get a bit hungry and breathe faster . Cacchinnation might occur .
3.What is going on ?
The brain mechanisms do some grudging repair forced by attempted paradox resolution .
4. You can read Zen , or philosophy , but it is slower .
5. New dimensions are forced open . See all my old posts on the subject of dimensions . Boring and obvious .
6. Just watch the images for about ten minutes a day .
That’s it .
Not even a single gorilla stomach crunch .
Don’t worry . Your local guru will soon complexify matters and charge for it .
All lunches are free at the Apoptosis Spa .
But never fart while contemplating the Infinite. Those two sideways bubbles can be a real pain in the katochas .

Never , ever visit the friendly young lady that stays up from the Escher-stairs .
As you can see the effect is noticeable even after only ten minutes of looking .
Continue at your peril .
Andre Simplicius .

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