Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amber Beads for Tots

Amber Beads for Tots.

Andre Willers
28 May 2013

“ When in doubt , hesitate "
Synopsis :
Amber is a bio-weapon aimed at herbivores from millions of years ago . Evolved to inhibit growth .

Discussion :
1.Plants exert evolutionary pressure over millions of years . Especially the gymnosperms .
Amber kills animals or slows them down . It’s function .
Short term or long term .
It is not an aware system . Plain evolutionary .
Some ambers can be as juvenile as 400 years , other tens of millions of years .

2. Fast Fossilization :
See how the amber resin does it .
The evolutionary pressure will be on the grandchildren of the plants .
The resins will evolve to fossilise very rapidly . See para 3 below .

Evolutionary , random mutations that favour amber poisons from the parent plant to the grandchildren+ plants will have more offspring .
And gymnosperms have been around for a long , long time .

3.Amber is fossilised resin . Resin is part of the Plant-Herbivore Wars . It is to benefit the plant , not the eater . 
It kills bugs and bacteria , all right . But other effects on epigenetic systems cannot be ignored .

4. Amber is formed by this poison under high temperature and pressure . Nobody knows what changes took place , but plants have been around long enough that evolutionary factors will operate . But amber can be very young and biochemically active .
There is also subfossil copal found in the Cotui deposits with an age of less than 280 years.[4]

5. Essentially , you are giving a young  , developing mammal an active bio-weapon . Evolutionary developed over hundreds of millions of years to do the nasty to animals that eat plants .
6.Putative mechanism :
Slowing growth at a deep , cellular level . Anti-cancer ?
Which is why it works for childrens’ teeth pains . It slows the teeth growth . It is a baddie , not a goodie .
The plant cannot know what the circumstances in the future might be , but the odds favour the agent  that slows competitors growth . Not kill , because of unknown intercorrellation  factors . Just slowing down .
Then to be expected in parasitism  .
7.High Blood pressure in an adult :
Amber beads might help here . Slow down the contraption .  See para 8.
8.Summation  effects :
The effects of ambers from different eras are summed in the mammalian body in an exponential fashion .
Amber stones from different eras interact synergistically and exponentially . They evolved to do this .
The sum ~  2^(k*n) , where n is the oldest and k is a constants .
Bad news . Even a few amber stones will slow down metabolism considerably .
9.Inverse ambers :
Create gene engineered gymnosperms and fast create Inverse Amber Stones .
A mild stimulant .
10 . A larger market :
Before the tot brigade tears my head off , note that you now have a much larger market :
Hypertension and Cancer .




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