Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Truth and Lies .

Truth and Lies

Andre Willers
9 May 2013
Synopsis :
Truth and Lies can now be determined by cheap EEG systems that cannot compensate for self-control .
Discussion :

Check out . Cheap , high-definition EEG hardware with a model of free software . The Apps build on the hardware . 

Essentially , a hardware solution looking for problems . Like the Laser in early days .

This should have some application with botox .

A seemingly frivolous application : shows mindstates from EEG in involuntary artificial ear movements . 

A lie detector . I would hate to do a job interview wearing this contraption .

Now we have to write lie-apps in self protection . This little system cannot discriminate between unconscious and conscious EEG readings . It did not work with with Mood-stones . Only ignorant persons with no understanding of the levels of mind could have written such an an App . Yet they did , and we have to deal with it .

If anybody wants to use any of these apparatuses on you , simply say that you decline because it might implicate a third party . 
Like a patient , client , anyone . 

An interesting thing for the Constitutional Court . A person has the right not to incriminate himself . Does that extend to involuntary incrimination with these detectors ? And does the protection extend to involuntary incrimination of third parties ?

This is not theory anymore . If you wear pair of fluffy ears like in  , you will find it impossible to lie to a skilled interrogator . 

"The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction." William blake
Well , the bunny ears have overtaken the tygers .
See the video , oh ye mighty and despair !
Ozymandias ! Don't tell me the bottle is empty !

"If lies are no more , truth is lost in the light " AW




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