Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gene Therapy without pain.

Gene Therapy without pain .

Andre Willers
21 May 2013
Synopsis :
Code the desired DNA into music . Compress it in a Random Lossy way multiple times . Then blast the target DNA cells with this multiple DNA tunes . The system assembles the lacking bits from emergence .

Discussion :
1.Code desired DNA into music .
Now, using a program called Gene2Music, you can transcribe any DNA sequence into music. The program, which was developed by molecular geneticists Rie Takahashi and Jeffrey Miller of the University of California, Los Angeles, uses an algorithm that converts each codon in the DNA sequence into a musical chord. 
2. Gene2Music :
3. Compress it in a Random Lossy way multiple times .
Compression is by factor 10 – 100 times . A bit of randomness ensures parts of the DNA music is lost at random , the least significant the most likely. Evolutionary , these are the troublemakers .
Too significant losses , and the organism dies quickly .
Do this many times .
4.How many times ?
The number of possible variations are 2^n , per n gene elements .
At least ratio :
Local minimum:
·         Approximate form
Description: http://www4a.wolframalpha.com/Calculate/MSP/MSP11091gif17h1ciceh1cd000059eb86d1f4d1eg0h?MSPStoreType=image/gif&s=21&w=225.&h=40.

  N~ 3 to 4 . This is the absolute minimum , as expected from dimensional or Reserve considerations .
Though better results will be obtained with 78 times . See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com/2010/05/tarot-ii.html et al  .(27 times in a pinch .)

4.Now blast the organism with this Lossy compression music , all 78 variations for at least 4 cell divisions .
This forces Emergence in  Self-Assembly on histone level of the missing DNA .
5.The sound acts as a template , vibrating the DNA winding on the histone , exposing expression –sequences not in the original encoding .
In other words , altering the RNA . So you have an epigenetic effect .
6. Add a bit of Reverse Transcriptase , and Bob’s your uncle , aunt , or whatever .
5.Congratulations !
You have altered the DNA .
This gives sound pollution and Rock Bands  a whole new meaning .
Something we oldies always suspected .

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